5 reasons to get a VPN in 2021

With most of the world in some degree of lockdown, it’s likely that your screen time has shot through the roof. From working or studying remotely to ordering groceries, gaming to binge-watching, practising yoga to going on a first date over Zoom – our lives are being increasingly lived online.

That’s why using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while surfing has never been more important. VPNs – like Anonymox – provide privacy, anonymity and security for users by creating a private network connection across a public network connection.

They mask your internet protocol (IP) address so your online activity is virtually untraceable, and hide your personal information and browsing habits from hackers and any and all pairs of prying eyes.

But that’s not all. VPNs break through geoblocks to access streaming services from every corner of the globe, and can even help you save big on that trip you’re planning to take when Covid-19 is finally over.

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Why should I get a VPN?

Maintain privacy

Your internet service provider (ISP) can see your internet traffic and log your browsing history – it probably knows you better than your best friend!

The sites you visit, the things you buy, the questions you ask Google, the messages you send… you should be able to retain complete control over who knows about them, and keep nosy government agencies out.

For example, in the UK, government officials are working to pass the Investigatory Powers Bill – the biggest bulk collection legislature the nation has ever seen – through Parliament.

This bill aims to reshape how government surveillance is conducted, allowing, among other things, ‘equipment interference’ (the hacking of citizens’ smartphones and computers) and broadband providers to log customer data for up to 12 months.

While national security is undeniably critical, it doesn’t need to be incompatible with individual rights. Take your privacy back now.

Anonymox ‘scrambles’ your traffic in an encrypted tunnel, so not even your ISP can read it!

Save money

Some online stores show you different prices when you’re browsing from different locations. Zara, a Spanish fast fashion brand, is famously cheaper in Spain than in any other country in Western Europe – this is true of their brick-and-mortar shops, and webstores. It’s a shame having to pay €17.00 extra for a pair of jeans just because you can’t complete your purchase on, isn’t it?

In a similar vein, Google Flights displays higher fares for routes you’ve looked up before – because the search engine knows you’re probably set on that particular destination and will cough up the cash, even if fares mysteriously double in price over the course of a week. Boo!

Anonymox keeps you safe from price discrmination by letting you browse from X different countries, and erasing your browser history.

Enjoy borderless entertainment

Are you an expat who’s missing a certain streaming service from back home? Have you ‘finished’ your local Netflix and want to see what shows the Australian version has to offer?

It’s time to get the most bang out of your streaming services buck!

Anonymox allows you to change your IP address with just one click. A German user can select a US-based server, and, armed with a US IP address, access content restricted to the US.

Work smarter

Many of us are working from home, or perhaps from local cafés and parks – and, at least in most of the UK and Europe, office doors will be shut for some time.

Remote working was increasingly popular pre-pandemic, with the rise in digital nomadism and flexible work schemes seeing scores of people happily set up shop in their bedrooms or at kitchen tables. And even when restrictions soften, it’s likely not everyone will be rushing to ‘go back to work’ five days a week. Business-casual attire and a hellish commute are tough sells after months of having a lie-in and taking meetings in tracksuit bottoms!

However, using your home or public Wi-Fi connections to do your thing can be very NSFW (not safe for work). Commercially sensitive documents and information are constantly shared via email, messaging apps, Zoom, and cloud-based platforms, putting your company – and you – at risk.

Anonymox encrypts your data, safeguarding against ‘eavesdropping’ and data loss.

Beat censorship

The websites, services or social media platforms you wish to use may be inaccessible from certain locations. Facebook, for example, is famously banned in China, Iran and Syria.

In Vietnam, government officials are threatening to ban Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram unless certain political content is removed, and ‘anti-state’ posts and posters are identified and tracked down – censorship at its most nefarious.

Anonymox promotes a free and open internet for everyone, anywhere in the world.

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